Adding multiple images at once and creating a grid of multiple images


I think it would be useful to group images when adding several at a time. Not when adding one image at a time, only when picking multiple.

It could look something like how social media sites group albums for a preview.
Album grid layout styles

It should also allow clicking on an image to preview in full size.


Anyone who imports several images.

Additional Context

I think adding one image at a time, one below the other is too space consuming and also less readable.

Implementing multi-select for images is a prerequisite for this. As I recall this was already suggested in another issue.

EDIT: I think the type of grid and image order should depend on their size.
EDIT 2: Creating an album of existing images could mean having a button in image block options to select images to group. I don’t know how this aligns with how things are done in apps.
EDIT 3: Suggestion on how this could be implemented is creating a separate “image album block” in the / menu.