Authentication token isn't sent back to AppFlowy after approval

When using the google sign in button. It takes me to the browser in order to give AppFlowy access.
From there it doesn’t take me back to AppFlowy, instead it opens up Firefox and sends the token there. Am using arch-craft OS with a custom window manager, my guess is that it doesn’t detect AppFlowy globally as a installed application. Since am running AppFlowy binary directly from the extracted archive. That being the case it just sends the token to Firefox as a default link handler.

I suggest having a box to enter the token, in case the browser fails to find AppFlowy.

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Can you use ubuntu_0.3.0_20.04.deb and try again?

Ok will give it a try, Arch linux does work with .deb(not officially) files just that you need extra tools for that.

I did manage to get sync working on Arch, after installing the .deb package.
I followed a article that explained how to install .deb packages on Arch linux.
If users with custom Window Managers tried installing the deb package it should work, but then again it may vary with different systems.

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