Confusing UX on Replace Dialog after pressing Enter key

  • While replacing a word with Replace Dialog in the AppFlowy Editor,
  • we are able to replace the first match by pressing Enter key
  • But then the focus shifts into the Editor and now pressing the Enter key inserts a newline character instead of replacing the next match.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open AppFlowy Editor
  2. Open Replace Dialog
  3. Enter a find string and a replace string.
  4. Now focusing on the Replace string press Enter
  5. Now press enter again.

Expected behavior after 5:
The next matched word should be replaced.

Actual behavior after 5:
New line character is inserted


Possible Solution:

  1. Don’t use Enter for Replacing the first match, thus only way to replace is by clicking the replace icon.
  2. Return focus back to the Replace dialog.