Create Private Notionish Page, based on google drive contents

Hello AppFlowers!

I have a question and I am not sure if App Flowy is the right platform for the job.

I want to, everytime I create a google drive folder in a specific google drive, it will automatically create a brand new page, based on a template. In side that google drive will be a whole list of random files, I want those files to show up in the Notionesk page.

Along with other hard coded information, which I hold in a spreadsheet.

The way it works is, I present properties to clients and have an address, I want a uniqe url for that address to share all the content of the address, essentially what this person has (this isn’t mine but what I want to replicate)

Then I have a spreadsheet that has all the property data in it, like bedrooms, bathroom, description, ect, ect ect, then I also want it to have all the other files I have based in a google drive folder, so they show up in there too. So my team can add them in as needed and they show up, no coding for my team needed.

Is this something that is possible with this tool, also, how would i then host it so its shareable.