Does Appflowy have "Synced Blocks" like Notion?

Hi guys,
I’m a visual learner. I use a database but only as a safe place to store stuff.

(I used to have a “Directory Tree” method of filing things - but realised if I accidentally deleted one master page, I could lose 200 sub-pages!)

Basically the way I use Notion is very visual. Basic. I’m an eco-blogger and have a bunch of different Browser bookmark folders. EG “Energy” - then under that I have all the different topics - and I click on one of those and it takes me to the “Solar” master-page. From there might be 20 or 30 sub-pages.

So from one Browser click to one Notion sub-page click I have access to about 1200 pages in 2 clicks - no ugly database search.

That’s why internal referencing bookmarks are VERY important to me -as I like having a bunch of manual ways to click around. “Synced Blocks” that act as further navigation menus across a bunch of different subjects and let me jump around Notion are really important for me. In fact - they’re a deal breaker. Does Appflowy have something like them?