Suggestion for categories

I believe we can implement some more categories to organize the forum a bit more.

A suggested category structure could be:

- Announcements
- Releases
- Feedback & Suggestions
  - Archived (We move threads here when needed)

Community (Anything related to AppFlowy that the users want to discuss)

- Development (Discussing Development of AppFlowy)
- Documentation (Discussing Documentation of AppFlowy)

AppFlowy Editor
- Development
- Documentation

Support (Need help, or stumbling into issues?)

And for the above, we can also simplify the development categories a bit like this:

- AppFlowy
- AppFlowy Editor


If we want to be more community-centered, we can also refer all development discussions to github and discord, and omit the development categories. I believe we can still keep the Documentation category.

Might also be relevant:

  • Show & tell (Can also be Showcases, Projects, etc.) - A category where users can show off their projects, themes, templates, etc.
  • Themes (Share custom themes)
  • Guides (Share guides/blogs about using AppFlowy etc.)
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