Aggregation across pages

Probably best described as a use-case… I have multiple pages, one per project I’m working on. Each project page has a board on it. Each page also has one or more sub-pages for various reasons, one of which is meeting notes – one page per meeting. When that meeting produces action items, I toss in a checkbox list. The result is I’ve got 5 boards, and probably 30 or 40 to-do lists.

Feature request: it would be incredibly useful to create a roll-up that aggregates all those to-do lists into one list. Same for the boards, one aggregate board to get a birds-eye view would be very useful instead of having to click through a myriad of pages one by one. Making board references a multi-select would do, and making to-do lists referenceable, again with multi-select, seems like it would fit well into the current UX.