How to refer to one grid items in another?

I was wondering if and how it is possible to refer to objects of one database in another.

say I have a recipe book I created in appflowy.
there’s the database that consists of the recipes and another, separate database, which houses all my ingredients.

when I create a new recipe = new item entry in the recipes database, I want to be able to have a sub grid, within each recipe item, which I can simply start typing the name of an ingredient, and then appflowy would complete the name of the ingredient, extracting it from the ingredients database.

I have replied to your query here

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incredible! it’s so detailed thank you!! @annie_appflowy

I suppose a similar thing can be done as a grid within each meal page? because when you keep these recipes, you don’t want the ingredients all in one field, you also want to add an individual amount next to each one