Upon deleting Grid, Board or Calendar from the sidebar, no banner to restore or delete permanently appears

Bug Description

When you delete a document in AppFlowy you see a dialog appear at the top of your document:

No such dialog appears when you delete a Grid, Board or Calendar. Since there is no indicator of the file being deleted, the user may continue editing the Grid/Board/Calendar without noticing that they have deleted it.

This is how it appears:

How to Reproduce

  1. Open AppFlowy
  2. Create a new Grid/Board/Calendar
  3. Delete the newly created item from the sidebar
  4. Observe how the deleted item still appears without any indicator of it being deleted.
  5. Observe how you can still change the deleted item’s content.

Expected Behavior

Some indication that the Grid/Board/Calendar is deleted and thus should not be modified.

Operating System

Windows 11

AppFlowy Version(s)



Refer to the video attached above.