Hide "No Status" Stack on Kanban Board


“I don’t plan on utilising the No Status block
I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to organising things like to do lists so I’d rather not have something like that there, if I’m not going to use it. I would hide it completely”


Kanban Board Users


Good day. I am using AppFlowy for Bug Tracking, Software Ideas and Game Ideas and I am thoroughly impressed with the Software. I do feel like there is a missing feature which is the option to rename Categories.


By allowing users to rename categories, it will improve the organization of Current Bugs and allow us to work in an effiecient manner.

Additional Context

I am currently using AppFlowy to have an updated list of GlimeshTV Bugs and this feature would be a godsent for me as a fellow Bug Hunter.

  1. Enable users to hide No Status.
  2. Enable users to rename “No Status” while giving visual clues to users so they know this is a “No Status” column.

I confirm that, as one of the aforementioned “people”, I would appreciate both these features. It is a little thing, but it would improve UX a lot, I believe.

As of now, “No Status” is a developer naming revealing the internal implementation (an item needs a tag to categorize it, or it has no tag). The user has a different workflow and though process, I think. They create a new note, example, though, and later they want to categorize it as per their own organization. They should not think about having a tag or having none (resembling Rust Option<Tag>), they should instead think about the note being categorized or not. And that can be simply resolved by enabling either hiding the “no status” category entirely, or allowing them to rename it to something that suits their needs.