Drag and drop blocks in a document


I don’t seem to be able to MOVE blocks. For example, move a divider line above or below adjacent blocks.


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I meant the way you can move “blocks” in Notion to any where, and then resize the blocks as you see fit. So for example, You can have an image, a text block, and a series of links all in one “row” (by row I mean they’re allowed to be next to each other, as opposed to being below each other like how it is now) and have the image block take more space then the text with the links taking the least for example. Hope this clarifies what I meant :sweat_smile:

Is this something planned? Just curious :slight_smile:

+1 on this.

In it’s simplest form add the ability to drag by the 6-dot handle to rearrange a text block or a list item.
At least for me it is a common task to rearrange my lists.